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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

– Home Watch of West Michigan – 

Occasionally, people ask me these questions. I post them here. I hope you find this extra information helpful.

1.  What the difference between a house sitter and a professional home watcher?

A house sitter is someone who temporarily lives in the home while the owners are away. Unlike a home watcher, they usually have limited knowledge of mechanical and home systems which doesn’t offer the overall service provided by a home watch professional.

Here is a two-minute video about the value an accredited home watch specialist provides.   

2.  Do you offer a guarantee? What kind of guarantees does Home Watch of West Michigan offer?

We guarantee we will treat your home as our own. Weekly or bi-weekly visits ensure there are no problems while we are there. When an issue develops when no one is around, we will catch it on our next regular visit and update you immediately. This will keep potential loss or damage to a minimum.

3.  How do you create a customized home watch plan? Do you used an app for this?

We use an app that geolocates and time-stamps our inspection. We record our findings on a custom checklist that we create together which is designed exclusively for your home and property. The app assists us in generating a concise email report delivered within 24 hours to you, including pictures.

4.  What kinds of homes and properties do you watch?

We service lake homes, cabins, vacation homes, luxury Airbnbs, second homes, real estate listings, and so on.  We also watch large vacant properties for signs of trespass, illegal activity, timber theft, etc.

5.   How does Home Watch of West Michigan provide a homeowner peace of mind?

When a homeowner is away from home for an extended period of time, Home Watch of West Michigan provides regular interior and exterior visual inspections (as spelled out in the customized plan) and communicates updates in real-time with the homeowner. This reduces the likelihood of a homeowner returning to preventable issues which could’ve been addressed had they know about them, the worry about possible storm damage, needless delays in the work of contractors, and other unforeseen situations.

6.   What experience do you (Dave) and Home Watch of West Michigan provide to your clients?

As a career firefighter, I have experience in both occupied and vacant homes.

I’ve inspected, mitigated, and resolved ice, water, and fire damage. As a lifelong home and multi-family renovation owner/consultant,

I also have experience in addressing heating, cooling, roofing, electrical, irrigation, landscaping, and garage and driveway issues. 

Homeowners can trust the experience and integrity my team and I bring to their home.

7.   Are you affiliated with Home Watch of West Michigan?

No. West Michigan Home Watch is not affiliated with Home Watch of West Michigan. As far as I know, West Michigan Home Watch has been inactive for some time. We are Home Watch of West Michigan. We are members of the West Coast Chamber of Commerce and we are fully accredited by the National Home Watch Association.

8.   Is Home Watch of West Michigan a security firm?

No, we are not a 24/7 security service. Rather, we provide homeowners with regular custom interior and exterior inspections while they are away from home – and by professionally tending to the items in every customized home watch plan – we increase a measure of security as a result. Of course, we will alert and work with local law enforcement as needed and provide our homeowner clients with real-time updates.

9.   What geographic region does Home Watch of West Michigan serve? What is Home Watch of West Michigan’s service area?

Generally speaking, Home Watch of West Michigan provides home watch services to home and property owners in:

Laketown Twp.
Grand Haven
Spring Lake
Port Sheldon
Grand Rapids
Forest Hills
West Olive
Ottawa County
Allegan County

10.   Who uses Home Watch of West Michigan services?

Many people use home watch services, including professionals who travel, snowbirds (part-time residents), frequent vacationers, property sellers who live out-of-state, and people who own lake or vacation homes.

11.   What other services does Home Watch of West Michigan offer?

Vacation Checks

Interior: Conduct a thorough inspection to ensure it is in a clean, safe, and habitable condition. Check for any signs of damage caused by weather, pests, insects, vandalism, or other disturbances. Confirm that the security system is set and functioning properly, and ensure all windows and entryways are securely locked. Visually inspect the HVAC system for any signs of damage or malfunction, and notice any suspicious odors that may indicate a potential issue.

Exterior: Make sure all entrances are securely locked and check for any signs of forced entry, vandalism, or damage caused by weather, pests, and insects. Remove newspapers, flyers, and other signs of non-occupancy. Retrieve and forward packages and mail as requested. Visually inspect the roof, gutters, outbuildings, yard, landscaping, and lakeshore from the ground. Perform light shoveling to keep the entrance to the home clear.

Keyholder Service.

Do you ever need someone to have access to your home while you’re away?

We can coordinate access to your property for any situation at an hourly rate or as part of your regular contract. All we need is your notification of date and time and any instructions you have. We can coordinate access to your property for any situation including repairs, contractors, handyworker, food delivery, move in and move out, cleaning, and in case you lock yourself out.

Comprehensive Services

Home Watch of West Michigan provides the ultimate in personalized services, customized to the individual needs of vacation homeowners and travelers. For homeowners who need repairs or contractors to complete larger projects, while we do not provide handyman services, we can assist you with referrals to amazing local companies if the need for these particular services arises. We also assure any contractors that we recommend are commercially insured.

 Concierge Home Services

  • Key Pick-Up or Drop Off
  • Mail Pick Up and Forwarding
  • Delivery Acceptance
  • Contractor Access for Repairs/Service Items
  • Move-in, Move-out Cleaning
  • Plant and Perennials Care (also provided with scheduled home checks)
  • Storm Damage Assessment with Photos
  • Access for Contractors/Repairs Appointments
  • Home Remodel Project Recommendations
  • Contractor Referrals
  • Light Snow Removal

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